Computing Minimalists

For people who would rather wait seconds than minutes.

"While users expectations of computers have increased, computer programs have grown larger, or used larger amounts of system resources. Resources are perceived as cheap, and rapidity of coding and headline features for marketing are seen as priorities. Niklaus Wirth has summed up the situation in Wirth's Law*, which states that software speed is decreasing more quickly than hardware speed is increasing. Software gets slower faster than hardware gets faster." - Wikipedia. This should and can be avoided.

*Wirth himself says this quote belongs to Martin Reiser. So, perhaps it should be known as "Reiser's law".

"Word processing was a solved problem in 1984. By 1987 spreadsheets had all the functions a normal person would ever use. Databases took a little longer, but by 1990 that was sorted. An infant could have been born that day and by now would be almost of age to vote and we've seen no real improvement in productivity since." - Mikel Kirk

Best small office suite
(2Mb) Floppy Office (KPad, Spread32, Eve, PDF Producer) (Windows)
(2Mb) SIAG Office (SIAG spreadsheet, Pathetic Writer, Egon animator) (Linux)
(6Mb) Papyrus Office (Cross platform)

Best small internet browser
(0.5Mb) TheWorld Browser (Windows)
(1Mb) OffbyOne (Windows)
(0.3Mb) Dillo (Cross platform)
(5.2Mb) K-Meleon/K-Ninja (Windows)

Best small graphical operating system
(1.44Mb) KolibriOS (based on MenuetOS)
(50Mb) Damn Small Linux
(50Mb) MeanPup (based on Puppy Linux)
(23Mb) ReactOS (Windows compatible)
(11Mb) FreeDOS + OpenGEM complete

Best small e-mail client
(1Mb) i.Scribe (Cross platform)
(5.3Mb) Sylpheed (Cross platform)

Best small word processors
(0.3Mb) AEdit (Windows)
(5.2Mb) Abiword (Cross platform)

Best small spreadsheet
(0.9Mb) Sphygmic (Windows)
(0.4Mb) Spread32 (Windows)
(1.3Mb) Simple SpreadSheet (Linux)

Best small finance management
(2.1Mb) Money Manager Ex (Cross platform)

Best small instant messenger
(1.43Mb) Miranda IM (Windows)
(4.1Mb) aMSN (Cross platform)

Best small PDF reader
(1.7Mb) Xpdf (Linux)
(0.8Mb) Sumatra PDF (Windows)
(2.1Mb) Foxit (Cross platform)

Best small image organisers
(3.4Mb) Xnview (Cross platform)
(1.1Mb) Irfanview (Windows)
(2.5Mb) imgv (Cross platform)

Best small raster graphics editors
(4.7Mb) mtPaint (Cross platform)
(0.4Mb) Xpaint (Linux)

Best small diagramming application
(0.1Mb) Eve (Windows)
(12.2Mb) Dia (Cross platform)

Best small video player
(0.3Mb) Fusion Media Player

Best small archiving and compression
(0.8Mb) 7-Zip (Cross platform)
(2.9Mb) PeaZip (Cross platform)

Best small disc authoring
(1.8Mb) SilentNight Micro CD Burner 5 (Windows)
(1.5Mb) ImgBurn (Windows)

Best small audio players
(0.02Mb) Zinf (Cross platform)
(1.6Mb) foobar2000 (Windows)
(1.5Mb) XMMS (Linux)
(0.3Mb) XMPlay (Windows)

Best small torrent software
(0.2Mb) ĀµTorrent (Windows)
(2.3Mb) Transmission (Linux, Mac)

Best small organisers
(1.2Mb) UK's Kalender (Windows)
(2.8Mb) EssentialPIM Free (Windows)

Best small Genealogy software
(0.2Mb) Simple Family Tree (Windows)

Best small file manager
(2Mb) Universal Viewer (Windows)

Best small desktops
(0.9Mb) Litestep (Windows)
(~6Mb?) Blackbox (Cross platform)

Best guerilla wiki (Cross platform)
(0.2Mb) TiddlyWiki
(0.02Mb) DidiWiki

Best small Project Management
(2.94Mb) FusionDesk (Windows)
(9Mb) GANTT Project (Cross platform)

Best small notetaking software
(1.6Mb) Keynote