Dual boot Win98 + Ubuntu 7.10

Visual guide to installing Windows 98 and Ubuntu 7.10 minimal command line system for dual-booting with a PC Chips 'Book PC' with a 400 Mhz Celeron CPU with 64 Mb of RAM and a 20.0 GB hard drive. .

Ubuntu GTK1.2 Remix

Ubuntu GTK1.2 Remix is a revision of an Ubuntu 8.04 live CD that is intended to run on old, outdated hardware, with a target in the sub-300Mhz range.

It relies almost entirely on GTK1.2-based software, which means it should prove both fast and ugly in equal measures, on almost any i386 computer.

Ubuntu Dapper Drake on Pentium I machines

XFCE Ubuntu 6.06.1 on 120Mhz Pentium 1 + 48Mb + 1.5Gb
Ubuntu 6.06.1 + 75Mhz Pentium + 64Mb + 1.5Gb + Openbox